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History of St Peter & St Paul Church, Upper Hardres

Stelling Minnis Windmill

Stelling Minnis Village Hall

History and Mystery of the Minnises

Website with births marriages and deaths - 1557 to 1900







The Historical Society was originally formed in the 1980s by a keen local historian, the late Alwyne Hawkins. Members initiated a number of research projects including a buildings survey, studies of local wills and the like. A successful journal was also produced. Unfortunately the Society eventually went into decline, but it was kept alive in recent years by the then chairman, Peter Harrison, and a few other members. Now, with the availability of the clubroom in the new Stelling Minnis Village Hall, it is undergoing a revival. Its current projects include a survey of inscriptions in St Mary’s Churchyard, studies of census returns, combing through editions of the Kentish Post for local references, and the identification of famous people with local links. A computerised database is currently being set up. Annual membership costs £5 and anyone interested is welcome to join.


The Society changed its name to Stelling Minnis and Upper Hardres History society in 2014.


Meetings are at 7.30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at Stelling Minnis Village Hall.


See Village Magazine or Whats-on page for more details of meetings, events and regular reports.

2022 AGM will be held on Thursday 23rd April in Stelling Minnis Village Hall

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The photograph library is now available on a series of pages by subject. 


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Stelling Minnis - families


Stelling Minnis - Mill
Stelling Minnis - People (individuals)


Stelling Minnis - Buildings
Stelling Minnis - People (groups)


Boyke Manor
Stelling Minnis - Agriculture / livestock


Hardres Church - various
Stelling Minnis - Agriculture / hops


Hardres Church - Graves


Stelling Minnis - Agriculture / arable


Stelling Minnis - St Mary's Church
Stelling Minnis - Transport


Stelling Minnis School
Stelling Minnis - Scenes


Stelling Minnis - Events




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