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Minnis Managers - Open forum. presentation and consultation on the management plan for the next 20 years - 21 October - click here to read more.
Added 2 October
Stelling Minnis Village Hall - James Bond themed fund raising dinner and event - 28th November.  Click here to view poster.
Added 2 October 2015
Public consultation on prospective development of the former Stonegate Farmers Site on Stone Street - click here for details (downloads as PDF file).
Added 30 September 2015
FOSM work party 3rd October - cancelled.  Click here to read FOSM page.
Added 23 September
SELECT COMMITTEE ON NATIONAL POLICY FOR THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - call for evidence.Click here to read or download PDF consultation document.
Added 22 September 2015
View information on KCC proposals to change street lights to LED - view poster
Added 21 September 2015
Church services added. Click on church name to read
Methodist                                 Stelling                      Upper Hardres
Added 21 September 2015
Stelling Minnis Parish Council - Minutes of September meeting published. Click here to read.  Click here to read earlier minutes or supporting information.
Added 18 September 2015
Gardening Society - details of AGM added. Click here to view.
Added 14 September 2015
Stelling Minnis Parish Council - roles and responsibilities of Councillors updated.  Click here to view.
Added 11 September 2015
Stelling Minnis new planning application - click here to read more.
Added 9 September 2015
Stelling Minnis Parish Council - Councillor attendance record updated. Click here to view.
Added 3 September 2015
Stelling Minnis Parish Council meeting 2 September 2015 - Agenda and supporting information available to view. Click here.
Click here for minutes and agenda of earlier meetings.
Added 27 August 2015
Read Highways leaflet on resurfacing and repairing Kents road.
Added 26 August 2015
Minutes of Minnis Managers meeting - April 2015 published. Click here to read as a PDF file.
Click here to view meetings of earlier meetings.
Added 13 August 2015
Stelling Minnis Parish Council - Pecuniary interests declarations added. Click here to view.
Added 12 August 2015
Stelling Minnis Village Hall - James Bond Themed Supper - hall fund raising event.  Click here for more details.
Added 12 August 2015
Agincourt Remembered events - details announced. Click here to read.
Added 25 July 2015
Managers of Stelling Minnis Common - new residents guide added.
Click here to view guide.              Click here to go to Managers of Stelling Minnis Common page.
Added 9 November 2013
Stelling Minnis Common Management Plan - all appendices now avalable to view as PDF files.
Click here to go to Management Plan
Click here to go to list of Appendices
Added 12 October 2013

Septic Tank registration – read update – click here to read.

Added 1 May 2013

Stelling Minnis Parish Council - Councillors Register of Interest added - click to view.
Added 4 January 2013


History society - link added to local historians web site of births deaths and marriages 1557 to 1900.

Added 15 October 2010



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Bossingham Cricket Club

Bossingham Pre School

Bossingham Village Hall

Bossingham Youth Club

Bossingham (Upper Hardres Parish Council) - Link

British Telecom - link

Broadband - a faster radio service may be available


Buses to and from Stelling Minnis            Bus services in Kent (KCC web site)    Planning your journey in the UK

Business links in Folkestone (The best of Folkestone) - link


Canterbury City Council - link

Cantores Dominicae - link

Cat Sanctuaty (Rhodes Minnis) - link

Cesspools - contacts for emptying after June 2005

Cesspools & Main drainage

Charity fun run - clicsargent

Churches and Religious groups

Church - St Peter & St Paul - Upper Hardres

Church - St Mary Stelling Minnis

Church - Methodist

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Commons act 2006

Community Footpaths Project

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Duke of Edinburgh Award - Youth Challenge



East Kent Morris Men - link

Elham Valley web site - link


Folkestone & Dover Water (now Veolia water South East) - link

Folkestone National Dance Group - link

Footpath Project

FOSM (Friends of Stelling Minnis Common)

Freedom of information act


Gardening Society - Upper Hardres - Bossingham and Stelling Minnis

Guides - 1st Bossingham

Guide to new residents of Stelling Minnis (pdf file)



Hardres - Stelling News (Parish Magazine)

Hall Bookings:  Stelling Minnis    Bossingham

Historical Society - Stelling Minnis & Upper Hardres

Home page for the Web Site

Houses of Parliament web site - link

Hundred (The)



(The) Insight - link to a religion/health/spirituality site



Joint Sports Facility - Bossingham and Stelling Minnis


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Line Dancing - link

Links to other Villages (Kent Pages) - link

Lyminge web site - link


Map of area

Main drainage

Mid Kent Water (now South East Water) - link

(Stelling) Minnis Common Byelaws and other legal stuff

Managers of Stelling Minnis Common and Stelling Minnis Charitable Trust

Minutes of meetings of Managers of Stelling Minnis Common and Stelling Minnis Charitable Trust


National Express Coaches -  Link

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Neighbourhood Watch




Parish Magazine (Hardres and Stelling News)

Petham & Waltham Parish Magazine - link

Photograph library - Historical Society

Planning Permission applications - search National database - link

Post Office in Stelling Minnis

Post Office,  Royal Mail & Parcel Force (Consignia) - ( - link

Post Office (National) web site - link

Pre-School in Bossingham

Parish Councils - Stelling Minnis    Upper Hardres



Rail timetables (National) - link

Railtrack (Network Rail) - link


Rhodes Minnis web site - link

Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary - Link



Shepway District Council - link

Shop (Stelling Stores) - link

Sports facility (Bossingham Sports and Leisure Trust)

Stagecoach Buses - link

Stelling Minnis Common Byelaws and other legal stuff

Stelling Minnis - Guide for new residents pdf format

Stelling Minnis (and other Minnises) the mystery of their names explained

Stelling Minnis Parish Council

Stelling Minnis School - link

Stelling Minnis Stores - link

Stelling Minnis Post Office

Stelling Minnis Village Hall

Stelling Minnis Village Appraisal report and action plan

Stelling Minnis Windmill

(Managers of) Stelling Minnis Common and Stelling Minnis Charitable Trust)

Stelling Striders


Town Guides - link

Tree wardens


Upper Hardres Parish Council - link


Village Hall Bookings:    Stelling Minnis     Bossingham

Village People - plays and pantomimes for villagers by villagers

Village newspaper correspondents


Walking - Stelling Striders   also    Walks in Kent - Link

Waltham web site - link

Water:    Folkestone & Dover Water (now Veolia Water South East) - link

                Mid Kent Water (now South East Water) - link

Windmill & Museum

What's On - Diary of events (only those advised to webmaster are listed)



Youth Club - Bossingham


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