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Pictures inside the hall

Entrance Hall
Inside the main hall
Meeting Room
The Kitchen  
  Photos by Lee Jones
March 2018


Hall Committee:


Jonno Hurdwell - Chairman
Lee Jones - Vice-Chairman
Ivor Champion - Treasurer
David Stephens - Fire Warden
Ann Day- Secretary  - e-mail:


Hall Bookings - Ann Day - e-mail:




Hiring - terms & conditions (go to)       Hire Charges













Stelling Minnis Village Hall may not be hired to any person less than18 years of age.

The hall may not be sub-hired or used for illegal purposes, particularly that the law relating to gaming, betting or lotteries is not contravened.


If intoxicating liquor (Alcohol) is to be sold during the event please read the supplementary sheet ‘Stelling Minnis Village Hall, Sale of Alcohol’.


Hire Charges:


Hire Charges With effect from 20th September 2012

Meeting Room

(Monday to Sunday)

                                  Local Discounted rate                                               Standard Rate

Mornings                                 £8.00                                                               £15.00

Afternoons                              £8.00                                                               £15.00

Evenings                                  £8.00                                                               £15.00

Please note that Chapel Services take priority on Sundays.


Main Hall

(Monday to Friday afternoon)

                                 Local Discounted Rate                                              Standard Rate

Mornings                                 £13.00                                                             £20.00

Afternoons                              £13.00                                                             £20.00

Evenings                                  £13.00                                                             £20.00

An hourly rate can be agreed (based on £8.00 per hour) for Morning or Afternoon sessions subject to availability. Full session bookings will take priority


(Friday evening to Sunday)

Mornings                                 £25.00                                                             £35.00

Afternoons                              £25.00                                                             £35.00

Evenings                                  £35.00                                                             £45.00

Booking fee covers use of the Kitchen Area.

Special rates can be agreed subject to consultation with the Management Committee.



Emergency Precautions and Procedures


Before the period of hire begins, the Hirer must ensure that he/she knows the location of:

            *          Fire Fighting equipment and the use of the emergency exits.

            *          The electric switchboard.

            *          The First Aid Box

            *          The nearest telephone and the method of summoning the emergency services.

                        In the event of an outbreak of fire, the Fire and Rescue Service must be called.


Throughout the period of hire, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that:



Responsibility for Hall and Contents


Throughout the period of hire, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring:


On departure, the Hirer is responsible for:


                                                Sweeping the floor in all areas used.

                                                Wipe down any relevant surfaces

                                                Mop floors for spillages and sticky patches.

                                                Ensure that the toilets are left in a reasonable condition.

The Hirer will be liable for additional cleaning costs if the above are not carried out.

Cleaning equipment and chemicals are kept in the cleaning cupboard  which must be kept locked when not in use.


Premises Licence and Performing Rights Charges


10:00 - 23.00 Monday to Saturday and

12:00 - 22:30 Sunday,

and for the sale of alcohol during the period

11:00 - 23.00, Monday to Saturday, and 

12:00 - 22.30 on Sundays.                                                                                                      

Private events are required to comply with this license.


 Full details of the regulations regarding the sale of alcohol are provided on the supplementary sheet:

Stelling Minnis Village hall - Sale of Alcohol.


Exhibition of films



Cancellation of Hire


In the event of the Hall being required as an Official Government Polling Station or by the Methodist Congregation, any existing bookings will be subject to cancellation and the Committee will refund any deposit or fees already paid.


In the event of the hall or part of the hall being rendered unfit for the use of which it has been hired, The Committee will not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damages whatsoever.


The Hirer may forfeit the hire fee if the booking is cancelled within seven days of the proposed hire.



Teenage Birthday Parties

The conditions for hiring the hall for birthday parties for children aged from 13 – 17 years are as follows:
1. Parties must be finished, and Hall and surrounding area vacated, by 10pm.
2. A ratio of one parent to every ten children must be maintained throughout the party.
3. Should any complaint be made by a neighbour about noise or behaviour then the party will be stopped immediately.
4. The hirer will be reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that no alcohol is to be brought into the Hall during the party.







Smvh terms and conditions Jan 06

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Until recently Stelling Minnis had no village hall. Local groups used the facilities of neighbouring villages or met in the school room of the old Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. But in 1994 the chapel had to be closed because it was in a dangerous state. Forty villagers who attended an emergency meeting unanimously voted to campaign to save the building, renovate and extend it, to provide a much-needed community centre. This was achieved by an action committee led by the late David Grove.  The splendid new Stelling Minnis Village Hall was opened on 14 July 2001 by the then Lord Lieutenant of Kent, Lord Kingsdown.


It includes:


·        The main hall


·        A large committee room


·        An upstairs clubroom


·        State-of-the-art toilets


·        Well-equipped kitchen and storage facilities.


It is administered by a Management Committee


For communication with the management committee contact

Secretary - Ann Day e-mail:





For Bookings contact Ann Day e-mail


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Watch this space for planned fund raising events



Coffee Mornings:

To be held on the first Friday of every month at Stelling Minnis Village Hall from 10:30am until midday.


For £2.50 you will be welcomed by a committee member and will be able to enjoy a refill of Quality Cafetiere Coffee and/or English Tea served from within the hall. We will also provide a warm seating area and some 60’s background music. If you want to bring cakes or biscuits then please feel free. Everybody is welcome. All proceeds generated will help us run the village hall throughout the year.

See the what's on page for dates


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