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Hardres and Stelling News.  The Parish Magazine for residents of Upper Hardres, Bossingham and Stelling Minnis.

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The new style front magazine with full colour front cover was launched in May 2014.  The name was also amended to Hardres and Stelling News.  Click here to see a collage of all coloured front covers.

The Hardres and Stelling News is the Parish Magazine for Upper Hardres, Bossingham and Stelling Minnis.  The magazine was originally a church magazine (Stelling & Upper Hardres Parishes) and originated around 1953. It continued in that form until 1973. In 1972/73 both churches suffered arson attacks and co-incidentally the church newsletter ceased and was replaced by a Villages Magazine The Hardres Stelling News.  In 2009 the magazine entered the Parish Magazines of the year competition and was awarded 20th place out of 410 entries.

The magazine normally runs to 40 A5 pages of material plus advertising pages. Space is sometimes available for new advertisers (see) . Each issue contains a diary of events for two months and contacts for most local clubs and societies. Regular contributors are the 4 churches (Stelling, Upper Hardres, Methodist and Church in the Hall); Managers of Stelling Minnis Common; Historical Society; Stelling Minnis Parish Council, Kent Police; The windmill (in season); Stelling Striders; Stelling Minnis School; Farming and Helen the Vet;  to name but a few.        

Articles or letters for publication can be left in Stelling Minnis Stores* or e-mailed to smwebmag@yahoo.co.uk and should reach the Editor by 15th of the month (10th in December) otherwise they may be held over for the next edition. If e-mailing, please ensure the subject line makes it clear that the message relates to the Parish Magazine, otherwise it may be deleted as spam.

*Typed articles appreciated - then they can be scanned straight into a suitable format to go into the Magazine.  Handwritten is of course OK, but please clearly print any names or unusual words.

As a guide 1 page of text is 300 words at 10 point size.  I can supply an MS word template for magazine articles on request.

If e-mailing an article/item for publication, please ensure that you specify whether the article is for the Hardes and Stelling News, the Web site or both.

Articles sent via e-mail should either be PLAIN Text as an e-mail; or  an attachment as a Notepad or MS Word File.  Items must carry the name and contact address and telephone number or e-mail address of the originator.  Pictures should be sent as jpg files.

Letters must include the name and address of the sender and both will be printed with the letter, although the address will be truncated.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

Files will be virus checked before being opened and if found to be infected will be deleted and the originator advised.

Clubs and societies with web pages, may wish to include the url of that page/site and or an e-mail address.  To check url of your club/society with a page on the Stelling Minnis web site, visit the Contents & Index or Club list page.

Items in the Hardres and Stelling News are published in good faith.  Views expresses are not necessarily those of the Editor or management team.  Complaints regarding an article should be taken up with the originator.  Published items are considered to be in the public domain.

To advertise in the magazine in 2018/19. Please contact Ann Day (e-mail: ann@youngmeadow.co.uk) will be able to advise on availability and current advertising charges

Current prices for advertising are:-


Price per year (12 issues)

Full Page

Please contact Ann Day for prices

 e-mail: ann@youngmeadow.co.uk

Half Page

Quarter Page

Half Quarter Page

Issues relating to advertisements in the magazine should be taken up with the advertiser concerned and not the Editor or management team.

Subscriptions for the magazine are payable on 1st January each year for 12 months.  A limited number of copies of the Magazine are available in Stelling Minnis Stores at the beginning of each month.  The best way to secure your copy is to subscribe.  Obtain a copy of the magazine and contact the distribution point (Margaret Crawford). You can have your copy delivered to your home or pick it up at the shop. If you live outside the delivery area and wish to have your magazine delivered then you will need a postal subscription - click here.

Subscriptions 5 for 1 year (12 issues) - P&P costs extra for Postal Subscriptions


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Childrens' Christmas Cover Competition

Each year children up to the age of 10, or still at Primary School, are invited to take part in a small competition to design the cover of the Parish Magazine for the December Issue.  Judging is undertaken by the Stelling Minnis Art Club and the best three entries in each of the two age groups (up to 7 and 8-10) receive a prize.  The best of the two winning entries is then selected, again by the Art Club as the front cover.  All 6 winning entries will be printed in the December magazine in colour. All entries will be displayed at the Stelling Minnis Art Group's exhibition on 20/21 October.


2018 subject -  Art competition - "Santa is coming".  Closing date Friday 12th October (when Stelling Minnis Stores closes).

See September and October Parish Magazines for full rules.


Cover competition winning entries were:


2005 4

(Christmas in my village)




2006  4

(Christmas in my village)




2007 4

(Christmas Eve)

2008 4

(Santa's been)





2009 4

(Santa's workshop)





2010 4

(Santa visits Stelling Minnis Windmill)

2011 4

(Santa takes a break)

2012 4


(Santa comes to school)

2013 4


 (Santas' Toy factory)



2014 4


 (It's Christmas)



Under 8 age group

Front cover








2014 4


 (It's Christmas)



Over 7 age group

Back cover

2015 4

A Christmas related stained glass window

2016 4

Santa comes to school

Decorating the Christmas Tree




Entry restricted to residents within the Parish Magazine catchment area (Upper Hardres, Bossingham & Stelling Minnis).

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