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The following is a copy of the Legal Document protecting Stelling Minnis Common

 LAW OF PROPERTY ACT, 1925. (Section 193)
Parish of Stelling Minnis, County of Kent

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT STELLING MINNIS COMMON is subject to the provisions of Section 193 of the Law of Property Act, 1925, under which members of the public have rights of access to the Commons for air and exercise.

1. If done on the Common without lawful authority, it is an offence for anyone exercising the aforesaid rights of access to the Common:-

(i) (a) To draw or drive any carriage, cart, caravan, truck or other vehicle otherwise than on a public carriage way.
(b) To camp.
(c) To light fires.

(ii)(a) To remove gravel, sand, soil or turf.
(b) To take or attempt to take fish from any pond or stream.
(c) To shoot or wilfully disturb, chase, or take game or other birds or animals.
(d) To permit dogs to chase game or other birds or animals or other-wise fail to keep dogs under proper control.
(e) To remove or attempt to remove birds' eggs or nests.
(f) To set traps, nets or snares for birds or animals.
(g) To permit horses, cattle, sheep or other animals to graze or stray.
(h) To bathe in any pond or stream.
(i) To post or paint bills, advertisements, placards or notices.
(j) To train or break in horses by grooms or others.
(k) To hold any show, exhibition or fair or place any swing, roundabout or other like thing.
(l) To construct or place any building, tent, booth, stall, fence, post, railing, trench, pit, roadway or other similar structure or work for any purpose.
(m) Generally to injure or disfigure the land or interfere with the use thereof by the public for the purpose of air and exercise.

2. Any committing such any offence as aforesaid is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding 40 shillings for each offence.

3. The acts mentioned in paragraph 1 (ii) are forbidden by reason of the limitations and conditions imposed by an Order dated the Fifteenth day of March, 1954, made by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries under the said section 193.

4. The said Order with the relative plan has been deposited at the Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.2, and a certified copy has been deposited with the Council of the Rural District of Elham in which the land is situated. The Order and the Copy will be open to inspection during ordinary office


Dated 17th March, 1954.

 Lords of the Manor of Stelling Minnis.

All enquiries to: Stelling Minnis Preservation Committee,
Post Office, Stelling Minnis.

To report any infringement of these rules, by e-mail to the Minnis Managers - click here

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