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Action plan item

Current progress


1: Speed limits in the Village:
a) Continue to press for improvements to safety on Stone Street.
b) Monitor effect of 30mph limit and consider need for 40mph limit elsewhere.



a) KCC are currently investigating the provision of speed cameras on Stone Street and reviewing limits on all A&B roads.  See also (e) below.



b) Possibility of moving 30mph speed limit sign on Bossingham Road, South of Stelling Minnis School, further towards Harvest Lane is under consideration by KCC on advice from Kent Police and Parish Council.


c) Actively seeking to have 30mph illuminated speed limit sign.


d) Monitoring and reporting speeding violations through Speedwatch


e) Discussed and agreed with KCC Highways to provide Double White Lines on Stone Street in vicinity of junctions with Curtis Lane and Thorn Lane.  KCC commencing consultations with statutory bodies. KCC have now agreed, with approval from Kent Police to introduce a "no overtaking Zone" on Stone Street each side of the junctions with Curtis Lane and Thorn Lane. Double white lines not appropriate. Kent Police have also agreed ladder markings within the No overtaking zone and need to improve visibility at junctions - Parish Council now in discussions with KCC on those.


November 2008

(revised Jan 2010)


September 2009




items c & d

Added January 2010


November 2010

(Revised Feb 2010)

2: Windmill and Museum:
a) Arrangements for opening in 2008.
b) Museum extension.

a) Museum opened in 2008, with minor modifications to kitchen to comply with food hygiene regulations.


b) Planning permision has been applied for and granted to extend the museum. Building work completed


c) Museum and Mill now passed to Stelling Minnis Mill and Museum Trust

Easter 2008



November 2010



Sept 2010.


3: Refuse collection:
Garden waste recycling bins and fortnightly household refuse collections.

Shepway District Council have set these cycles of collections in place. Action plan item completed.

Note:  Recycling collections to be increased and revised in 2011

Revised November 2010

4: Children and schooling:

Provision of safe route and/or transport to school.


Friends Of Stelling Minnis (FOSM) have improved pathways at North end of Stelling Minnis Common to improve access to the school.

November 2008

5: Work locally:
Job creation.

Submissions were made to Shepway District Council for two brown field sites in  and on the boundary of the parish to be designated for low cost housing and small business development, but rejected by Shepway District Council.


Support given to planning application to develop former Stonegate Farmers egg production site into mixed business use.

October 2008

(revised January 2010)



September 2010

6: Bus Service:
a) Frequency & destinations.





b) Late bus.
c) Sunday bus service.
d) Investigate community transport schemes.

a) Additional school bus service now operating at 8am to Canterbury and 4.10pm from Canterbury.

October 2009.

One coach companies operating 2 services a day (M-f, term times only) in between 558 (now route 18) services times service 630 (Now route 18A ) (L&M Coaches)

Coach companies ceased to provide additional services. Only bus services are 18 & 18a run by Stagecoach - click here for timetable


b) Not yet investigated

c)  Not yet investigated

d)  Community transport schemes investigated and found to be not viable.

From November 2008.

Revised October 2009 & January 2010

Rdevised Janiary 2022






Early 2008

7: Hospital car service & car share schemes:


Volunteer drivers available for any journey from Canterbury Volunteer Centre Tel 01227 283554. Article included in February 2009 issue of Parish Magazine.

February 2009

8: Low cost housing:


Submissions have been made to Shepway District Council for two brown field sites in  and on the boundary of the parish to be designated for low cost housing and small business development.

Two Brown Field sites suggested were rejected by Shepway District Council in March 2009.


October 2008

9: Provision of local health services:


Under review. Local practicioners contacted as to feasibility.  In March 2009 NHS Primary Care Trust responded to the effect that no additional provision of GP facilities were to be provided. Dental practices and Hawkinge, Canterbury, Ashford & Folkestone are taking on new patients + 2 new dental practices with 2/3 dentists each are to be opened in the Canterbury Area in Summer 2009. NHS PCT asked if these were NHS or Private places - awaiting response.


Health checks for Carers being made available  in Stelling Minnis Village Hall from 2008

January 2009










2008 & 2009


10: Meals services:


Age Concern in Lyminge have a daily hot meal facility. Apetito operate a delivery service of frozen meals to cook.


11: Shop & PO services:


Post office owner asked if additional opening hours could be provided in the two weeks prior to Christmas to overcome the delays and work load that arose in December 2008.


Post Office opened additionally on Fridays during December 2009. This was not repeated in 2010.

Post office now opens 7 days a week, aligning to shop opening hours.

February 2009



October 2009


12: Mains drainage:


Investigated and to date found not to be viable due to excessive costs involved. Will be revisited if funding become available.


13: Minnis Management:


Copies of all appraisal comments given to the Managers of Stelling Minnis Common

March 2008

14: Bins & map:
Plan for provision of:-
a) Litter bins.
b) Dog waste bins.
c) Map.




ci) The managers of Stelling Minnis Common have displayed maps of Stelling Minnis Common on information boards. 

cii) A diagramatic map of properties in Stelling Minnis was produced by Stelling Youth Challenge as part of DofE Gold Award and was delivered to every home on the map. A copy is on this web site - click here



c) 2009

15: Car Parking:
a)Provision of car parking for Minnis visitors.
b)Expansion of car park at Rose & Crown.


a) Minnis Managers contacted with regard to parking on the Minnis. Minnis Managers have forwarded communication to the owners as there are legal implications to be considered.

b) Meetings held with KCC and Rose & Crown to provide more parking off the Minnis.


April 2009



Late 2008



16: Village Hall:
Provision of community services.


Traditional Teas facility opening every Wednesday from 1st April 2009. Tea room was closed in November 2009 due to lack of support.

March 2009

(Revised January 2010)

17: Play area:
Provide a play area for 2-7 year olds.


Will be provided as part of the sports facility at Bossingham Village Hall, jointly with Upper Hardres Parish Council - see next item.


18: Sports Facilities:


Stelling Minnis Parish Council has entered into a joint venture with Upper Hardres Parish Council for the provision of sports facilities at Bossingham Village Hall.  Ongoing. Cllr Gifford to represent Stelling Minnis  Parish Council on the committee together with Clare Hamilton. (Note: Sports facility is now known as Bossingham Sports and Leisure Trust and Stelling Minnis Parish Council has not involvement, other than limited financial support).


Questionnaires distributed and views sought from all Villagers on the facilities required - planning going ahead on basis of demand.


Initial meeting held November 2008 (Revised May 2010)

(Revised March 2015)


January 2010 (Revised Nov 2010)

19: Photocopying services:


Photocopier exists in Stelling Minnis Stores.


20: Parish Council performance:


Under review by the Parish Council.

November 2008





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