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Important - read this if you are not connected to mains drainage.


If you have a sealed cesspool, that does not leak, then the only requirement is for it to  be emptied regularly.


If you have a septic tank that drains either into the ground or a water way, then you are required to register with the envirlonment agency, for which an application fee is payable.


Visit the web page below for full guidance on both cesspools and septic tanks, and the registration fees payable by domestic users, charities and buisnesses. The link will also allow you to register on line - suggest that you keep a copy of the registrstation with your propery deeds or paperwork.


For the latest position and guidelines go to:  or telephone 03708 506506


Cesspool/Septic tank Emptying Service - Options


The information given below is reproduced in good faith and was based on the best available.  Neither the Stelling Minnis Parish Council nor the Webmaster accept any liability for any inaccuracies.  The onus is on the user to verify charges and services with their selected contractor before entering into agreement or binding contract.

 No recomendation is given as to which company to use - ask your neighbours or friends for their recomendations.





01233 646767 

37 Sandyhurst Lane

Ashford TN25 4NS


would give discount for 2x1000 gallon tanks if houses are in same area.


01233 840624 

Unit 6

Pivington Mill Ind. Est.

Pluckley TN27 0PG


may give discount if 2/3 loads can be emptied  on one journey to Stelling Minnis


We now offer the following services: 

High Pressure Jetting

 Repairs & Servicing to Sewage Treatment Plants



01622 631688

The Paddock

Detling Hill, Maidstone


discount for one journey to 2/3 houses


08000 480629


Mills Road

Quarrywood Ind. Est.


known as CSG

Probably the only company with a jetting service and could completely flush out a tank .    No discounts


R & R Environmental Services

01233 820270.



S & D Sewage Services Ltd

07850 552706 / 01622 844708
We carry out cesspool emptying, high pressure jetting and service to all makes of sewage treatment plants.



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One or two exceptions, which are connected to the Bossingham mains drainage scheme, e.g. Stelling Minnis Primary School, all properties have either septic tanks or cesspools.  A few properties have a communal cesspool or sewage disposal schemes.


 Unless funding arrangements significantly change or the requirement on Southern Water compels then to provide it, then there is unlikely to be mains drainage provided to any other properties in Stelling Minnis.



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