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Since 1983 Village People pantos have been performed by local children for local children - with a little help from some of the parents who were in it themselves as children several years ago!

But, as ever, production costs go on upwards and our income is somewhat fixed by the 90 seat fire limit on the Hall. Most of our pantos cost around one thousand pounds to put on, so with a three night show you will readily appreciate that it's a pretty fine dividing line. We do not aim to make huge profits, just enough to fund the next show with a bit to spare to cover things like maintenance, improvements to the systems etc. The most important thing is that the children get the opportunity to do this kind of thing. Most will tell you they really enjoy it and for many it's a great confidence-builder too. All children from year three onwards (and adults) are welcome, it doesn't matter which Village you're People of!

So your support is much needed, not only as ticket sales but also most welcome in the various departments such as costumes (very extensive costume loft), scenery, backstage, lighting/sound, special effects, choreography etc. if you would like to be more involved.

Contact Joan or Graeme Faber or Beth Fuller  see Parish Magazine for contact details  or e-mail


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