Your Mobile Village Library


At present an average of only three people use the mobile library, but Stelling Minnis & Bossingham have been reprieved and is included in the Dover schedule.


The library now calls fortnightly on Fridays at:-


Bossingham (Star Meadow) 10.45 - 11.15 am

Stelling Minnis (opposite Stelling Minnis Stores) 11.30 – 12 noon.


Why not add to the average and increase the number up to 3? You could introduce your pre-school child to libraries.


Meet Mark the driver and Librarian. He has all the empathy and expertise to make you feel welcome – he will order special books for you as well.


Everyone moans about the cuts in public service – well this isn’t one. A famous writer has said “Libraries embody public respect for imagination and knowledge – and the value of simple delight”. Enjoy!

The user numbers increased from 2 to 3 after publicity in the Hardes and Stelling News for October 2016.








To check dates visit


or telephone 03000 41 31 31

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