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Walkers code of conduct

Footpath Warden - Martin Hart  e-mail

I have recently been appointed to represent the Parish Council in connection with the KCC's Community Paths Project. Although I have not yet received the formal terms of reference for this role, I believe a major objective will be to ensure that the designated footpaths and bridleways are being properly maintained, including unobstructed access, provision of stiles, fencing where appropriate, etc.


A map of footpaths in the area is displayed in Stelling Minnis Stores.

Small grants may be made available by the K.C.C. for improving footpaths, bridleways and byways, if deemed to be necessary, and possible.  Although funding is available from the K.C.C, the actual work would need to be carried out by local volunteers, although guidance and support from the Community Footpaths Team is available.


Such improvements could be:


-                     building steps on steep sections of footpaths

-                     improving waymarking so routes are easier to follow

-                     repairing or replacing stiles which are broken or difficult to cross


If there are any public right of ways (PROWS) in the Stelling Minnis area that, in your opinion, need remedial work carried out please contact the footpath warden

Whereas I will in time be drawing up an inspection rota for myself and hopefully walking the paths as often as possible, it would be very helpful at the outset to hear about any footpaths near you that might give reason for concern. Do please contact the footpath warden.

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It is probably a timely occasion to remind all walkers that there is a ‘code of conduct’ with which we should all comply. 

 In reference to the last point, I have heard of a recent incident of sheep worrying and injury.  Please be aware that if a farmer witnesses a dog worrying his livestock, he is empowered to shoot the dog.  Something we would all wish to avoid, I am sure.


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